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How To Know You Might Be Out Growing Your Home

It’s a phenomenon that happens: you move into a new home and think “wow! We have so much space. We’ll never fill this place up!” And then slowly but surely, the kids bring home more art projects, birthdays pass with gadgets galore, one Christmas tree turns into three (guilty!) and before you know it, you’ve got 37 bins of holiday decorations, and opening the hall closet is a feat no one is willing to risk their life over.
If three or more of these apply to you, it might be time to call your trusted REALTOR (and enough with this “it’s not a good time to buy” nonsense! But more on that later.)
  1. You have kids sharing rooms and it’s causing too many fights. I shared a room with my sister growing up, and we’re best friends to this day. But if sharing room is causing unnecessary family chaos and stress, it might be time to give your kids their own space.
  2. You’re working from home in some place other than an office or you have multiple family members working/schooling from home. Dining room table, kitchen table, bedroom corner? Working and schooling from home is here to stay, ensuring everyone has a designated place to work comfortable and privately (I’m looking at you, loud phone talkers!) is a must.
  3. Your closets are full to the point of bursting. A good clean out every now and then is good for the soul, but if you have an active family with lots of activities and hobbies, you may just have a lot of stuff. If opening a closet is more than a one person job, you may have out grown your space.
  4. There’s nowhere for the kids to go and hangout. As kids get older, it’s important they have freedom and space to be themselves. If fighting over the one TV in the house has become a regular occurrence, or your kids are constantly at friends houses because there’s no room in your house to play, it might be time to consider a larger home with a bonus room.
  5. You’re doing laundry in the garage. As a Mom of two, doing roughly one million loads of laundry a week, it’s too dang hot here in Florida to be doing laundry in the garage! I advocate for all my laundry doing mamas, it’s time you have a laundry room (in the AC!) of your own.
  6. You can’t park your vehicles in the garage. If you have a garage, I’d venture to guess you’re storing a slew of bikes, old toys, aquatic sports gear, holiday décor, and an insane number of toy “collectibles” your husband just refuses to get rid of (not pointing fingers or anything, Drew!) If you’re at the point, where you’re sacrificing your likely second largest investment (your vehicle) over boxes, it might be time to A) clean out the garage, and if that doesn’t work, time to B) find a larger space to store your stuff.
  7. When you have guests stay the night, it disrupts the entire family. If Grandma and Grandpa stay the night, does it displace the entire family to make accommodations? If you frequently have overnight guests with no designated, private space for them to relax, it might be time to find a home with an extra bedroom so the kids can sleep in their own beds, and no one has to hear Grandpa snoring from the other side of the house.
If you’ve hit capacity in your current home, give me a call to go over your options. Trust me on this, I have the tools and resources to make this process seamless, easy, and exciting!
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