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How To Make Your Home Feel Luxury For You & Your Guests

The holidays are upon us. This means hosting parties, and perhaps even overnight guests. Being a self proclaimed “queen” of hospitality, here are some of my favorite ways to make living in (or visiting) your home an *experience.*
🍷 Pour wine for you and your guests (or partner) while cooking dinner. Turn on some Bossa Nova jazz for a fun, and romantic experience. When hosting, I leave the TV off (unless the general consensus of the 3ft and under crowd is Blippi!)
☕️ Make a coffee bar. For some reason coffee just tastes better with others! Around the holidays, I pull together several different flavors and types of coffee to give my family and guests a selection. This year I’m including flavored syrups, cinnamon/nutmeg shakers, a variety of creamers, and a frother for extra fun.
Make your Wifi information accessible. In the guest room, frame a 5×7 piece of card stock with your Wifi information so guests can easily connect to your network. Click for my free, editable printable!
Actually, use your dinner plates and serving dishes! It makes dinner more of an experience that definitely feels upscale. There are no paper plates in this house (seriously, we don’t even own them!) My hack? Make sure your formal place settings can go in the dishwasher! This makes your dinner experience feel luxurious without taking five hours to do the dishes.
Light a candle or diffuse essential oils in all the bathrooms. On a day-to-day basis, I leave high-end toilet spray in the restrooms. When guests are over, I light beautifully scented candles (just remember to blow them out before bed!) Be sure to add fresh hand towels and extra toilet paper before guests arrive.
ALWAYS make the beds (this is a given) The lux part? Once made, spray the pillows with a gentle mist of linen spray every morning. Home Goods always has lovely options in pretty bottles.
This is a true “Florida” hack! For the warmer fall/winter pool days (reason #13443949 why I love living in Florida!), stick your pool towels in the dryer with dryer balls doused in a few drops of essential oils to make them smell fresh from the spa. I love lavender and eucalyptus mixed together.
Organize your backstock. Perhaps one of the positive benefits of Covid is the obsession for organizations we’ve all developed. In the linen closet of each bathroom (or shelf, work with what you’ve got!) grab some pretty jars or containers and organize your extra toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, etc. for you and your guests. Fold your towels nicely, stack the toilet paper rolls “just so” and maybe add in a few extra toiletry items guests may have forgotten.
What extra touches do you add to your home for guests? I’d love to know!

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