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Selling Your Home

Professional Photography Sells Houses

In real estate, first impressions are everything. Where do prospective buyers start their home search? Online. And what are they scrolling through first? The pictures. One weird photo of an outdated bathroom, or squished angle of a living room, and that once-interested buyer has moved on to another listing (aka your competition.


In real estate, pictures don't speak a thousand words, they speak hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket. 


Stunning, captivating, professional photography is the difference between weeks of no showings, and multiple offers after just a few days on the market. It's the difference between negotiating the terms of a low ball offer, and negotiating a bidding war for highest and best. Especially here in Central Florida, photography is key in showcasing what I call the "Florida lifestyle." Think of all those snowed in across the country right now. Those in the market, spend their evenings scrolling real estate sites, daydreaming of the day they can move to sunny Central Florida. I promise you, they are most captivated by the homes showcasing happy palm trees, bright and light window views with lush spring foliage peeking through, and stunning shots of sparkling pools just waiting for them to jump in. 


I did a little experiment to show you the difference between "just ok" photography, and the photography that sells houses for top dollar. Take a look: 


Pictured: Left, my iPhone, Right, a professional home photographer 


Pictured: Left two, my iPhone, Right, a professional home photographer 


Pictured: Left, my iPhone, Right, a professional home photographer 


Just from these pictures alone, you can the vast differences between photos taken on my iphone, and those from a professional photographer. Everything from the lighting, angles, staging, and overall photo quality is significantly superior in the professional photos shown on the right side of each example. 


By and large, professional photography is one of the most important aspects in selling your home, and should be treated with the upmost attention to detail. As part of my listing services, I offer complimentary professional photography and videography on all my listings. It's literally my job to make your home as visually appealing as humanly possible so it sells for top dollar. In addition to professional photography & videography services, I also offer a complimentary professional deep clean of your entire home directly before picture day. Why? Because sparkling clean homes photograph better, and remember, first impressions are everything! 


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