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Selling Your Home

Selling a Home in Oviedo

Oviedo is a large community in Central Florida, approximately 20 miles from downtown Orlando. The community is characterized by its many water features, including larger lakes like Horseshoe Lake, Long Lake, and the nearby Lake Jesup. The town has many upscale amenities and attractions, including the Oviedo Mall and the Twin River Golf Club, and is close to natural areas like the Econ Corridor Project and Little Big Econ State Forest. With top-rated schools, recreation, and neighborhoods, there are many worthy attractions for potential buyers.

If you are a seller in Oviedo, Florida, you should learn about the local market and prepare your home to meet your selling objectives. While some buyers are tempted to list their property as-is and with little research about the market or a proper agent, this can lead to lost profit and a challenging sale. Ensure you meet your real estate goals by following our tips and tricks for selling a home in Oviedo.

Start with home preparations

You can improve your home and prepare it for sale with several simple steps. From decluttering to making necessary upgrades, these tactics can make a significant difference in finding potential buyers and getting the best possible price for your property. So, before you list your home, take the time to get it ready for its close-up.
Find a local real estate agent
When navigating an unfamiliar real estate market, having an expert on your side is crucial. Working with an agent is a smart choice for many sellers, whether you are a first-time seller or regularly sell real estate. An experienced agent can provide tips, insights, and advice about the local market, best practices, and ways to prepare your home. There will be challenging decisions at every step of your home-selling process, and a real estate professional can ensure you are well-educated and make choices that protect your interests. Ask friends and family for recommendations on local agents. Schedule interviews with several candidates to find the best agent that meets your particular needs and goals.
Find out your home’s value
Before you can move forward with selling a home in Oviedo, you need to know its value, as this will be a major determining factor in its listing price. Your home value is not based on your emotional attachment or feelings. You will need to schedule an appraisal to get an accurate home value. This assessment calculates different factors to determine your home’s current market value. By scheduling an appraisal, you eliminate any guesswork and ensure an appropriate listing price, thus avoiding mistakes like over or under-pricing.
Determine what upgrades will improve your home’s value
Upgrades can appeal to and attract potential buyers, but you also want any renovations to increase your home’s overall value and return on investment. However, not every project is worth investing your time and money. Be strategic about which upgrades you choose to enhance your home.

Before making any changes or hiring a contractor, consider talking with a local realtor to determine which upgrades have the highest return on investment. Several popular upgrades that can increase a home’s value include new paint, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, adding energy-efficient features, and improving curb appeal.
Stage your home and use a professional photographer
If you want your home to look its best and stand out from others on the market, consider staging. Staging can be anything from removing personal items and rearranging furniture to emptying your home and starting fresh with rented decor and accessories. Staging companies have talented designers that can evaluate your home and create a comprehensive, flowing look from room to room, attracting buyers.

Not only can staging help your home sell faster, but it may also increase the sale price. When staging is complete, you’ll want to hire a professional real estate photographer to capture your home at its best. High-end photos are an essential marketing asset that can be used in many facets, from online listings to neighborhood signage, to attract interest and offers.

Sell your property

Preparing your home to sell can be time-consuming, especially if you choose large-scope renovation projects. However, the time, energy, and investment you put into your home will prove worthwhile when it’s time to sell.
List your home on the MLS and create a marketing strategy
Your marketing strategy will determine how you present your home to potential buyers and how you differentiate it from others on the market. Talk to your real estate agent about how you should proceed.

A good marketing method should include a local multiple listing service (MLS) listing, high-quality photos and videos, and a social media and online advertising plan. You should also consider conducting open houses and other in-person events to attract potential buyers and showcase your home’s unique features.
Tips for negotiation offers
Once you’ve put your home on the market, buyers will likely begin viewing your home. If you’ve worked with a skilled local real estate agent, listed your home appropriately, and implemented a strong marketing strategy, you should receive offers on your property. Offers will likely include an initial price, any contingencies, and details about closing. You can accept or reject a bid without changes or counter the offer with your terms. This is the time your real estate agent will shine. Their skilled negotiation tactics will ensure you accept an offer you’re happy with.

Ensure a successful experience with a local agent

It is never too soon to enlist a real estate agent when buying or selling property in Oviedo. If you are uncertain about selling your property, an agent will walk you through every step of the process, from preparing your home for listing to navigating the tricky waters of negotiations and beyond. As you look for agents, you will want someone with a successful track record in your local market, open communication and availability, widely-successful marketing tools, and positive client testimonials.

Marcie Gumieny is an Oviedo real estate agent with a hands-on approach to buying and selling properties. Marcie treats each sale and purchase as a personal investment and is dedicated to achieving desired outcomes for each client. Contact Marcie today if you have more questions about selling your Oviedo home or are ready to enter the market.

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