Marcie’s Homemade Rebuens

Marcie’s Homemade Reubens Prep Time: 15 min Cook time: 10 h Serves: 6 Growing up, this was my most requested meal for birthday dinners and celebrations (you mean to tell me not every 8 year old girl loves a good old corned beef & sauerkraut sandwich?!) All jokes aside, to this day, Rebuens are an… Continue reading Marcie’s Homemade Rebuens

Marcie’s Marvelous Pumpkin Bread

This is an old family recipe originally created by a man named Art. Problem is, the recipe is so old that absolutely no one in my family remembers who he is! I’ve adopted the recipe as my own, and his forgotten legacy lives on through this delicious bread.

Grandma’s Famous Apple Pie

It’s not fall until the first apple pie is pulled from the oven- piping hot and bursting with crisp apples, tons of cinnamon, and a homemade, all butter crust.